About Book Reviews

Floccinaucical  does publish reviews of books and media.
Bluntly put, I’m not a fan of negative reviews for general readers.
As John Leonard The New York Times. 18 July 2004 put it:

[I now] suggest some hard-won guidelines for responsible reviewing. For instance: First, as in Hippocrates, do no harm. Second, never stoop to score a point or bite an ankle. Third, always understand that in this symbiosis, you are the parasite. Fourth, look with an open heart and mind at every different kind of book with every change of emotional weather because we are reading for our lives and that could be love gone out the window or a horseman on the roof. Fifth, use theory only as a periscope or a trampoline, never a panopticon, a crib sheet, or a license to kill. Sixth, let a hundred Harolds Bloom.

Via The New York Review of Science Fiction

I’m comfortable reviewing a book I dont particularly like, if it’s well-written, and I know readers who will like it. If I hate it, and think others will too, I won’t review it. My purpsoe in writing reviews is to help surface the good stuff.

Here’s how to inquire about submitting books or media for review.