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Food and Drink

decorative leaf bulletRachel Roddy’s recipe for Italian breakfast biscuits</a

The word biscotto, like biscuit, is a generic word with a Latin root, panis biscoctus, which refers to bread (panis) cooked (coctus) twice (bis) in order to make it durable. It is a durable “rusk” that requires dipping in liquid to make it edible. Over the centuries, this rusk evolved and sweetened into hundreds of different forms, some of them twice-cooked, others not, many with new names, others simply biscotti al latte (milk biscuits), biscotti savoiardi (sponge fingers), biscotti regina (small logs covered with sesame seeds). Then there are stout, oval biscotti di Prato, from Prato in Tuscany, which are traditionally dipped in sweet wine, and are also known as cantucci, though they have travelled the world as simply biscotti.

History and Archaeology

decorative leaf bulletNorway archaeologists find ‘world’s oldest runestone’

The runestone was discovered in the fall of 2021 during an excavation of a grave near Tyrifjord, west of Oslo, in a region known for several monumental archaeological finds. Items in the cremation pit — burnt bones and charcoal — indicate that the runes likely were inscribed between A.D. 1 and 250.

“We needed time to analyze and date the runestone,” she said to explain why the finding was first announced on Tuesday.
Measuring 31 centimeters by 32 centimeters (12.2 inches by 12.6 inches), the stone has several types of inscriptions and not all make linguistic sense.

decorative leaf bullet‘Better than finding gold’: towers’ remains may rewrite history of English civil war

Archaeologists say finding medieval gatehouse at Coleshill was ‘real shock’ and ‘highlight of our careers’

Science and Nature

decorative leaf bulletDolphins seen in Bronx River for first time in five years

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decorative leaf bulletThe Shit Show

One thing I’ve noticed is that everyone is going to great lengths to make something that replaces the clients we’ve known for years. That’s an excellent goal that eases a transition in the short-term, but ignores how a new open standard (ActivityPub) can be leveraged in new and different ways.

Federation exposes a lot of different data sources that you’d want to follow. Not all of these sources will be Mastodon instances: you may want to stay up-to-date with someone’s Micro.blog, or maybe another person’s Tumblr, or someone else’s photo feed. There are many apps and servers for you to choose from.
It feels like the time is right for a truly universal timeline. That notion excites me like the first time I posted XML status to an endpoint.

decorative leaf bulletApp Store Rejection of the Week: Ice Cubes, a Splendid New Mastodon Client

I don’t generally call for anyone to be fired, but an App Store reviewer who cannot see how Ice Cubes “differ[s] from a mobile web browsing experience” is an embarrassment to the company, and providing fodder for every frustrated developer who thinks Apple has completely lost its way as a company and platform steward that respects the work of independent developers.

Women’s Work

decorative leaf bullet‘If I’d had a therapist, do you think any of this would have happened?’: Pamela Anderson on being chewed up and spat out by fame.

decorative leaf bulletOn women who talk, and also write books

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