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Art, Music, and Film

decorative leaf bulletBring Yourself Recurring Joy with Apple’s New Lock Screen Photo Shuffle

Books, Libraries, Writing, and Language

Via Book Riot and Sarah S. Davis: decorative leaf bulletHow And Why I Schedule My Reading

here was no way I was going to accomplish my reading achievements, like reading a book a week for a total of 52 in the year, nor was I going to keep up with my reading for Book Riot’s TBR, where I work as a Bibliologist, and not for my monthly column of “Recommended Reads” that I write for my hometown newspaper.
Something had to happen. Something had to change. I could not go on like this.

H/T: Victoria Strauss: decorative leaf bulletWriters Wrestle with Twitter: Do I Stay or Go (and Where?) See also: What Will Writers Do Without Twitter?

If the book industry is a walled garden, Twitter is a ladder. It allows people from backgrounds that are underrepresented in publishing to get a toehold. People of color, people who live anywhere other than New York City, people who work day jobs unrelated to media—they can build an audience, post links to their work, attract the attention of editors. If a thread of theirs goes viral, sometimes they can even get a book deal.

decorative leaf bullet‘Publication Laundering’: How Publishers Happily Accept Fake And Nonsense Conference Papers In The Pursuit Of Profits

decorative leaf bullet

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Food and Drink

decorative leaf bulletComfort and joy: the welcome resurgence of rice pudding

History and Archaeology

decorative leaf bulletHundreds of mummies and pyramid of an unknown queen unearthed near King Tut’s tomb

Buried within these shafts, archaeologists found a “huge limestone sarcophagus” along with “300 beautiful coffins from the New Kingdom period,” Hawass said.
“Burials from the New Kingdom were not known to be common in the area before, so this is entirely unique to the site,” Hawass said. “The coffins have individual faces, each one unique, distinguishing between men and women, and are decorated with scenes from the Book of the Dead [an ancient Egypt funerary text]. Each coffin also has the name of the deceased and often shows the Four Sons of Horus, who protected the organs of the deceased.”

Politics and Society

decorative leaf bulletIn largest strike of 2022, California academic workers walk off job

Jacob Kemner, a doctorate student in environmental studies at UC Riverside, makes roughly $28,000 a year and donates blood plasma twice a week for roughly $200 in extra income.

“I’m making ends meet by selling plasma,” Kemner said. “I am less able to be effective in my job as a result of this because I spend six to 10 hours going to and from the plasma donation center. If I wasn’t spending time on that, I could be lesson planning and grading.”

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decorative leaf bulletTwitter user gets account back after ban for ‘intimate’ image of meteor

decorative leaf bulletThe Twitter Worker Who Captured Elon Musk’s Takeover in All Its Cartoonish Glory

decorative leaf bulletMegnut on Web-People And Dot-Com People

And I realized there are dot-com people and there are web people. Dot-com people work for start-ups injected with large Silicon Valley coin, they have options, they talk options, they dream options. They have IPOs. They’re richer after four months of “web” work than many web people who’ve been doing it since the beginning. They don’t have personal sites. They don’t want personal sites. They don’t get personal sites. They don’t get personal. Web people can tell you the first site they ever saw, they can tell you the moment they knew: This, This Is It, I Will Do This. And they pour themselves into the web, with stories, with designs, with pictures. They create things worth looking at, worth reading, worth coveting, worth envying, worth loving. They create Beautiful Things. We need more of those.

Via @Jean Macdonald: decorative leaf bulletGoodbye, Twitter

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Pay It Forward and Make It Better

decorative leaf bulletEvery household in Wales invited to collect and plant a free tree as part of plans for National Forest for Wales

Something Wonderful

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