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Food and Drink

decorative leaf bulletPiedmont on a plate: Italy’s lush land of food, wine and art

It’s brown, muddy-looking and could make your breath a bit stinky, but for lovers of the pungent and salty, bagna càuda is glorious. The recipe is simple: sliced garlic (a whole head per person!), olive oil and anchovies, cooked slowly to a sticky sludge into which diners dip potatoes, peppers (roasted or raw), celery, spring onions and, in Piedmont especially, cardoons – a thistle-like artichoke relative. With good friends, good bread and jugs of good red wine, it makes for a convivial evening.

History and Archaeology

decorative leaf bulletNeanderthals and modern humans may have copied each other’s tools

Modern humans lived alongside Neanderthals for more than 1,000 years in Europe, according to research that suggests the two species may have imitated each other’s jewellery and stone tools.
Previously, it was known that humans and their ancient relatives existed at the same time on the European continent for more than 6,000 years and that the two species interbred on several occasions. But the extent of their interactions remains the focus of scientific investigation.

The latest paper suggests Homo sapiens may have coexisted with Neanderthals in France and northern Spain for 1,400-2,900 years before Neanderthals disappeared as a distinct species.

Politics and Society

Elizabeth Bear: decorative leaf bulletWhat to do when you feel awful & nothing seems to make sense: identifying & navigating gaslighting.This is one of the most accurate discussions about gaslighting, and the most compassionate, I’ve seen

decorative leaf bulletReparations: The US town paying its black residents

decorative leaf bulletHere’s every word from the 9th Jan. 6 committee hearing on its investigation

Science and Nature

Video:decorative leaf bullet‘Very eerie’ mating call helps American elks find love

decorative leaf bulletIt worked! NASA successfully moved a stadium-sized asteroid.

decorative leaf bulletHuge, unusually powerful explosion in space just detected by scientists

decorative leaf bulletAlaska cancels snow crab season for first time after population collapses

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decorative leaf bulletTour Amazon’s dream home, where every appliance is also a spy Everything Amazon learns about your family, your home and you

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Women’s Work

decorative leaf bullet‘Do you believe this?’: New video shows how Nancy Pelosi took charge in Capitol riot

Pay It Forward and Make It Better

Via @Michael Warburton: decorative leaf bulletIn 2006 a high school English teacher asked students to write to a famous author & ask for advice. Kurt Vonnegut was the only one to respond. His reply was a doozy.

Something Wonderful

decorative leaf bulletFenrir, the world’s tallest living cat, supports animal shelters and HIV patients

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