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Art, Music, and Film

decorative leaf bullet Who Do the Benin Bronzes Belong To?

Against defenders armed with swords and muskets, the British-led force deployed machine guns and mobile artillery. Hundreds of Benin residents likely lost their lives.

The British drove into exile—and would later capture—Benin’s oba, or king, a man of semi-deified status known to history by his regnal name, Oba Ovonramwen. They looted the royal compound and packed the most beautiful contents into crates to ship home. Then a fire ignited, perhaps accidentally, perhaps not. Shrines, storehouses, the homes and burial places of past obas—all were destroyed.

Most of the spoils were auctioned off in London. The artworks of carved ivory and cast metal were immediately acclaimed as masterpieces: heads of kings and queen mothers, symbolic animal figures, bells to summon the spirits of the ancestors, metal plaques that depicted court life and the great deeds of the obas. The artistry of the finest pieces is extraordinarily delicate. Seen from the side or bottom, a metalwork from the great age of Benin art, from roughly 1450 to 1650, is astonishingly thin, only about an eighth of an inch thick.

decorative leaf bulletJ. Michael Straczynski Rallies Fans to Save the Babylon 5 Reboot

See @straczynski: The fate of the #Babylon5 pilot may be decided end of this month.

Books, Libraries, Writing, and Language

decorative leaf bulletThe Lindisfarne Gospels review – was Eadfrith the monk Britain’s first great artist?

decorative leaf bulletInterview: Elizabeth Strout: ‘There’s a quiet rumbling of violence in America. Is it going to expand and explode?’

Food and Drink

decorative leaf bulletWhich chilli when?

Different chillies perform different roles in cooking, and they’re not just about heat; chillies bring sweet, sour, fruity, earthy and smoky notes, too. So you need to understand why a chilli is there in the first place before switching it for an alternative.

decorative leaf bullet6 apple cake recipes that smell and taste like home

History and Archaeology

decorative leaf bulletA second ancient canoe is found in Wisconsin — this time tracing back to 1000 B.C.

Science and Nature

decorative leaf bullet‘They really don’t ever forget’: 10 things only an elephant-keeper can tell you

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Federico Viticci: decorative leaf bulletiOS 16: The MacStories Review

decorative leaf bulletiOS 16 review: unlocking the lock screen

SetApp: A Suite of macOS Apps for a Single Price Affiliate link for a great collection of ver 200 apps for macOS and iOS for a flat subscription fee.

Women’s Work

decorative leaf bulletNina Totenberg looks back on her decades-long friendship with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hilary Mantel: decorative leaf bulletRoyal BodiesAudio lecture and transcript.

Pay It Forward and Make It Better

decorative leaf bulletPatagonia founder gives away company: ‘Earth is now our only shareholder’

In a letter posted to the company’s website, Chouinard wrote that ownership of the company, which was founded in 1973 and reportedly valued at about $3 billion, has been transferred to a trust that was created to protect the company’s values and mission as well as a nonprofit organization.

“Earth is now our only shareholder,” it said. “100% of the company’s voting stock transfers to the Patagonia Purpose Trust, created to protect the company’s values; and 100% of the nonvoting stock had been given to the Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the environmental crisis and defending nature.”

decorative leaf bulletElton John ‘flabbergasted’ and teary after Biden surprises him with medal

decorative leaf bullet‘This is what a river should look like’: Dutch rewilding project turns back the clock 500 years

Something Wonderful

decorative leaf bulletOnce pushed to the brink of extinction, condors are soaring in Northern California skies again with the help of an Indigenous tribe and a team of scientists.

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