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Art, Music, and Film

decorative leaf bulletBuckingham Palace art collection to go on gallery display for the first time
decorative leaf bulletA Place to “Waste”

In addition to those 100-plus sketchbooks you’ve seen, a page at a time, on this blog, I also have another couple dozen sketchbooks that I keep at my desk. About half of those pages are filled with still lives (like all those primary triad apples and product review test sketches) and other studies I make in the studio. The other half are experiments, scribbles, notations, color swatches and who knows what else. They are not the kinds of things I would typically share unless they are related to a review. These reference pages bristle with Post-its that I use as tabs.

H/T Martha S.: decorative leaf bullet Artist Reveals What Fonts Were Used To Design Famous Logos

Books, Libraries, Writing, and Language

decorative leaf bulletLiterary world overwhelmed by 600 books to be published on one day
H/T Tina Koyama: decorative leaf bulletWhy I Keep a Journal

I’m a journal-keeper. With over a hundred notebooks filled since 1982, it’s become part of who I am. I couldn’t have expected or anticipated all the ways my new habit would enrich my life.
Even if we never reread what we write in our journals, the act of writing changes us. It shapes our perceptions and memory. Over time, opening the notebook and picking up the pen becomes like resuming a long-running conversation with a friend. We develop a voice, even though there’s no one on the other end to hear it — or rather, our self is listening.

Coronavirus | COVID-19

decorative leaf bulletLong-Haulers Are Redefining COVID-19

lauren nichols has been sick with COVID-19 since March 10, shortly before Tom Hanks announced his diagnosis and the NBA temporarily canceled its season. She has lived through one month of hand tremors, three of fever, and four of night sweats. When we spoke on day 150, she was on her fifth month of gastrointestinal problems and severe morning nausea. She still has extreme fatigue, bulging veins, excessive bruising, an erratic heartbeat, short-term memory loss, gynecological problems, sensitivity to light and sounds, and brain fog.

decorative leaf bulletQ&A with Dr. Fauci: “We will get out of this and we will return to normal. Don’t despair.”

I mean, when you’re in something that’s so stressful, you have to worry about despair setting in. Like, “My God, I’m in a hopeless situation.” It’s not. It will end. We will get out of this and we will return to normal. Don’t give up. Don’t despair. Don’t throw caution to the wind. We can end this. The combination of pulling together with public health measures and the scientific advances of vaccines and therapies and preventions. I will guarantee you that.

Food and Drink

decorative leaf bulletPickle Slaw “Made with pickle juice in place of the vinegar, it makes a fantastic addition to pulled pork sandwiches and fish tacos.”

History and Archaeology

decorative leaf bulletRestoration of Norfolk hall uncovers Tudor and Elizabethan finds

Oxburgh Hall was built by Sir Edmund Bedingfield in the late 15th century. The Bedingfields were once rising stars at the Tudor royal court but they were also devoutly Catholic and were ostracised and persecuted as a result.
Curators believe the manuscript parchment and other objects may well have been used in illegal masses and hidden deliberately by the family.

Science and Nature

A mother wolverine and her kits ascend a tree in Ranier, WA
Photo Credit: NPS/Cascades Carnivore Project

decorative leaf bulletWolverines Return to Mount Rainier National Park After More Than 100 Years This National Park Service news release includes video.


H/T @JesseDamiani decorative leaf bulletThe Unraveling of America

COVID-19 didn’t lay America low; it simply revealed what had long been forsaken. As the crisis unfolded, with another American dying every minute of every day, a country that once turned out fighter planes by the hour could not manage to produce the paper masks or cotton swabs essential for tracking the disease. The nation that defeated smallpox and polio, and led the world for generations in medical innovation and discovery, was reduced to a laughing stock as a buffoon of a president advocated the use of household disinfectants as a treatment for a disease that intellectually he could not begin to understand.

. . .

The American president lives to cultivate resentments, demonize his opponents, validate hatred. His main tool of governance is the lie; as of July 9th, 2020, the documented tally of his distortions and false statements numbered 20,055. If America’s first president, George Washington, famously could not tell a lie, the current one can’t recognize the truth. Inverting the words and sentiments of Abraham Lincoln, this dark troll of a man celebrates malice for all, and charity for none.

H/T Jeff C. decorative leaf bulletHow three conspiracy theorists took ‘Q’ and sparked Qanon
decorative leaf bulletThe U.S. Shouldn’t Get to Decide If a Navajo Man Dies “His tribe objected. The victim’s family objected. Even the case’s original prosecutor objected. But he’s scheduled to get the death penalty anyway.”


Women’s Work

decorative leaf bullet“We’re stewards of our land” the rise of female farmers “Nearly one in five farmers are women, with the number rising all the time. We ask four of them about their lives, work and a year of challenge”
H/T Tonya: decorative leaf bulletThe ‘Rage Moms’ Democrats Are Counting On
H/T Glenn: decorative leaf bulletHow Queer Women Powered the Suffrage Movement

Rouse, who is among scholars working to “queer the suffrage movement” — which she described as “deconstructing the dominant narrative that has focused on the stories of elite, white, upper-class suffragists” — uses “queer” as an umbrella term to describe suffragists who challenged gender and sexual norms in their everyday lives.
They did this by choosing not to marry, for example, or by living a life outside the rigid expectations placed on women in other ways. The suffragist Gail Laughlin demanded that pockets be sewn into her dresses, a radical request at the time.

decorative leaf bulletThe bold suffragists you likely didn’t learn about in school
decorative leaf bulletA daughter’s choice: Her mom didn’t have covid-19. But isolation seemed to be killing her.

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰

decorative leaf bulletTracing 🤥🤥👖🔥’s Postal Service obsession — from ‘loser’ to ‘scam’ to ‘rigged election

Allies coddled 💩🔥💰 by telling him the reason he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016 was widespread mail-in balloting fraud — a conspiracy theory for which there is no evidence — and the president’s postal outrage coarsened further.

.  . .

Trump has fixated again on the Postal Service, this time trying to make it a tool in his reelection campaign by slowing mail service, blocking an emergency infusion of federal funds and challenging the integrity of mail-in balloting. The president acknowledged last week that his opposition is rooted in his desire to restrict how many Americans can vote by mail.

decorative leaf bullet💩🔥💰 unhinged Twitter meltdown shows Michelle Obama drew blood

Trump is by far the most corrupt, self-dealing president of the modern era. And the Russia probe uncovered important truths about a foreign attack on our democracy that actually happened, to his benefit, an accounting he corruptly tried to derail.
If anything, Michelle Obama’s account was charitable. She declared that Trump is “clearly in over his head” and “cannot meet the moment.” That’s all true, but it undersells his malevolent intent.

decorative leaf bulletEach of the three people who led Trump’s 2016 campaign has now faced criminal charges
decorative leaf bulletLooks like Trump just validated a key Stormy Daniels affair allegation — by complaining about sharks

Pay It Forward and Make It Better

decorative leaf bulletA Cheerful Mess

In Amy Pollien’s garden, there are no well-defined borders, no straight and tidy rows. Angelica, dahlias, poppies, and milkweed overflow irregularly shaped beds. The green beans, zucchini, and kale flourish in scattershot arrangements. “It’s a cheerful mess,” says Pollien, as she leads me along a narrow path signposted by random mounds of decomposing branches, dead leaves, hay, and clippings.
It’s also an intentional mess: “It disguises the plants,” she explains. “The bugs that like broccoli want nothing more than to find 60-foot-long rows of broccoli. The things that want to gnaw on carrots want to find the carrots. If I hide them here and there, I get much less nibbling.”

decorative leaf bulletEverything you thought you knew about ADHD is wrong.

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Something Wonderful

H/T Less: Pandas being pandas, while a zoo-keeper tries to rake some leaves:

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