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Art and Film

The Marvel Spiderman artist teaching children in Ireland to draw
Illustrator Albert Uderzo drew me in to Asterix’s world with deftness and care
H/T Lymond: The Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged art fans to post photos of themselves recreating their favorite works of art from the safety of their homes. People responded with a lot of enthusiasm and flooded social media with their unique artistic interpretations.

Books, Libraries, Writing, and Language

The New York Times Is Committing ‘Journalistic Malpractice’ On Trump’s Catastrophic Covid-19 Failures

Coronavirus | COVID-19

Coronavirus: The fake Bill Gates post and other claims to ignore

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is what real coronavirus leadership looks like

Returning to the above chart, Washington state, despite being the site of the earliest cluster of confirmed cases in the U.S., has contained its outbreak better than any state, and many other sub-national regions as well. This simply must be because Governor Inslee started testing earlier, implemented clampdown measures earlier, and tightened them earlier.

Coronavirus: A US tourist town telling visitors to stay away

The US state of New Hampshire, with its mountains, lakes and foliage, is used to being a tourist destination for urbanites from nearby Boston and New York. But as out-of-towners flock to their summer homes to escape coronavirus in the cities, locals are begging them to stay away.

Dad has always sent care packages from China. Now it’s face masks instead of snacks
Everyone Thinks They’re Right About Masks
Print this so you don’t bring coronavirus home

You Need To Look At This

TPM Reader BW flagged something to me from this evening’s White House press conference that strikes me as pretty remarkable. The US has established an airbridge of flights from abroad to bring in supplies of masks, gowns, all the supplies we’re hearing are in short supply. But in answer to a question from Weijia Jiang of CBS News, the Admiral in charge of this effort explained that those supplies mainly are not going to FEMA or the states. They’re going to private sector distributors. And that seems to be one of the big reasons why states are having to fight amongst themselves over them, bidding up the price along the way.

The 1,000-Bed Comfort Was Supposed to Aid New York. It Has 20 Patients.

“If I’m blunt about it, it’s a joke,” said Michael Dowling, the head of Northwell Health, New York’s largest hospital system. “Everyone can say, ‘Thank you for putting up these wonderful places and opening up these cavernous halls.’ But we’re in a crisis here, we’re in a battlefield.”

Mr. Dowling said he has had to tear his hospitals apart, retrofitting any unused space, including lobbies and conference rooms, into hospital wards. His facilities now house 2,800 so-called Covid patients, up from 100 on March 20, he said. About 25 percent of those are in serious conditions in intensive care units.
Across the city, hospitals are overrun. Patients have died in hallways before they could even be hooked up to one of the few available ventilators in New York. Doctors and nurses, who have had to use the same protective gear again and again, are getting sick. So many people are dying that the city is running low on body bags.


Free Educational Content In Minecraft Marketplace!

From the comfort of your home, you can tour the International Space Station or even explore the inside of a human eye. We’ve also included ten worlds from our Marketplace creator community! Thanks to creators Everbloom, Jigarbov, Lifeboat, Razzleberries, The World Foundry, Blockworks, and Imagiverse you can explore renewable energy, marine biology, Greek history, and more! The worlds include lesson plans like creative writing activities, build challenges, and tricky puzzles.

Food and Drink

These 7 Top-Rated Tennessee Whiskeys Prove It’s Not All About Kentucky

Connoisseurs will know that Tennessee whiskey is also made with at least 51% corn before being aged in new charred oak barrels, but Tennessean producers go an extra step. They must filter the whiskey through sugar maple charcoal in a step that mellows the spirit.

Limoncello locktails! How to make delicious drinks from years-old holiday booze
How to cook pad thai – recipe

History and Archaeology

Dugout Canoe Dated in New Hampshire

Science and Nature

Video via Twitter: Just watch it to the end; you’ll want to hear it, too.


A fine bromance? Why the Cuomos’ brotherly love is just what we need “One is New York’s governor, the other a CNN anchor battling Covid-19. But their human interaction is a balm in troubled times”


Safety and Security While Video Conferencing with Zoom

Zoom has come under fire in recent days due to security issues with the platform. A zero-day vulnerability has recently been disclosed, and numerous users have noted that Zoom bombers are joining open meetings and sharing undesirable content. Zoom has also been found to overshare data with Facebook via their iOS app, a problem now fixed. BleepingComputer recently reported about a newly found vulnerability in Zoom that allows an attacker to steal Windows login credentials from other users.

Every Zoom Security and Privacy Flaw So Far, and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Women’s Work

Defiant British Museum appoints Mary Beard as trustee “Board approves the ‘perfect candidate’ after she was rejected by No 10 for her pro-European views”

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰

Judge Allows PEN America’s Lawsuit Against 🤥🤥👖🔥 Trump Over Retaliation Against The Media To Proceed
Robin Lindley’s interview of James D. Zirin, the author of Plaintiff in Chief: A Portrait of Trump in 3,500 Lawsuits

Jared Kushner’s Coronavirus Task Force Is Using Private Email Accounts To Conduct Official Business

Jared Kushner’s shadow coronavirus task force appears to be violating both the Presidential Records Act (PRA) and Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) by using private email accounts with no assurance their communications are being preserved and by meeting in secret, according to a letter sent today by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). The failure of the White House to comply with any of the PRA and FACA requirements leaves the public in the dark about the work the shadow task force has done and the influence of private industries on the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pay It Forward and Make It Better

No paywall in the chicken coop: A fast-food chain is paying to take down 16 Canadian newspapers’ paywalls this month “On April 1, Postmedia announced it is partnering with Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters, a Canadian fast-food restaurant with 170 locations, to drop its paywall on all content for the entire month. “We’re pleased and gratified by this generous vote of confidence in our journalism,” wrote Lucinda Chodan, senior vice president of editorial, on the National Post’s website.”

Something Wonderful

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