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You should read this for 11/3/2018:

Art and Film

Barbra Streisand’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ has an A+ anecdote about her calling up Tim Cook

Books, Writing, and Language

What it’s like to listen to cricket on the radio for the first time.
Antarctic scientist “stabs colleague who kept telling him endings of books he was reading”
You can unzip this tiny image on Twitter to reveal the complete works of Shakespeare Really. It’s pretty cool.
The Many Ways YA Books & The Community Isolates Teens The popularity of YA books in terms of non-YA book buyers has some interesting side effects, according to this provocative and thoughtful post from a teen YA reader.
Via Open Culture: Growing Up Surrounded by Books Has a Lasting Positive Effect on the Brain, Says a New Scientific Study

[R]esearchers at the Australian National University have reported that growing up in a household filled with books can lead to proficiency in literacy, numeracy, and information communication technology, even if you don’t go on to university.

You can read the Open Culture summary of the study, or read Joanna Sikora’s actual study at Social Science Research.

Food and Drink

Sauvignon blanc with fish tacos
Via Simply Recipes and Sally Vargas: Make-Ahead Dinner Rolls I’m familiar with yeast-rolls that you make and freeze for later use. What’s interesting about this recipe is that it uses potato flakes in addition to the usual flour, salt and yeast.
Love Indian food? A cookbook challenges everything you know about the cuisine

Sonal Ved, the food editor at Vogue India, told Quartz. “But what about hyper-regional recipes? Like food from Bhatinda, or curries from the Saraswat Goan community; what about cuisine from the deserts of Kutch, or that cooked by the Memon community in Mumbai or Gujarat?”

Sonal Ved. Tiffin: 500 Authentic Recipes Celebrating India’s Regional Cuisine.
More humane chicken breeding would cost consumers 1% extra
Melting Potatoes “Melting potatoes is the ultimate roasted potato recipe. Add a flavorful stock while in the oven and the roasting veg turns pillowy soft.”

History and Archaeology

Teeth Offer Window Into Neanderthal Childhoods
George Washington Writes to the First Jewish Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island: “The Government… Gives to Bigotry No Sanction, to Persecution No Assistance” (1790)
Washington wrote:

It is now no more that toleration is spoken of, as if it was by the indulgence of one class of people, that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights. For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support. — George Washington 1790 letter to the “the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island,”

Science and Nature

Scientists finally confirm the Milky Way has a supermassive black hole
Scientists Have Just Named 17 New Sea Slug Species, and They’re All Fabulous
The Dawn spacecraft exploring the asteroid belt has gone dark see also: Dusk for Dawn: NASA’s mission to Vesta and Ceres has ended
It’s Over For Kepler. The Most Successful Planet Hunter Ever Built is Finally out of Fuel and Has Just Been Shut Down.


Stephen King is really going after Ted Cruz on Twitter


Apple, Google, Facebook, and others push back on Trump transgender policy

Pay It Forward and Make It Better

Illustrated Guide Offers Resources for LGBTQ Muslim Youth

The Muslim Youth Leadership Council at Advocates for Youth developed “I’m Muslim and I Might Not Be Straight” for LGBTQ peers who don’t see themselves reflected in the broader LGBTQ community.

One of the Oldest Online RPG Communities Banned Pro-Trump Speech

RPGnet, one of the oldest RPG communities on the internet, has banned pro-Trump speech from its message board. “We are banning support of Donald Trump or his administration on the RPGnet forums,” forum administrators wrote in a public post announcing the new policy. “This is because his public comments, policies, and the makeup of his administration are so wholly incompatible with our values that formal political neutrality is not tenable.”

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