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Art, Film, and Music

Pete Seeger was blacklisted and “on the run” when he came to Bowdoin College in 1960. His concert there will never be forgotten “In 2012, Smithsonian Folkways released The Complete Bowdoin College Concert, 1960 — Seeger’s oldest complete concert recording and the only one from his “community concerts” phase. The album is already a classic of the American folk canon, its sharpness almost shocking, its intimacy deeply moving.”
And Now, Here’s Mark Hamill With a Truly Grim Realization About Luke’s Arc in The Last Jedi
Audio from the Getty: Lives of the Artists—Giorgio Vasari on Bellini, Raphael, and Michelangelo “Getty senior curator Davide Gasparotto explores three of Giorgio Vasari’s Lives”

Books, Writing, and Language

Nyle DiMarco and Chella Man Give Us a Queer Sign Language Lesson
Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name stripped from children’s book award over ‘Little House’ depictions of Native Americans
Morality clauses: are publishers right to police writers? This is tricky; morality clauses have historically been used to fire people, including writers and teachers, for the crime of not being straight, or not being considered Christian or for various other aspects of personal life. A morality clause, particularly a vaguely worded one, is a potential red-flag in any contract, including publishing.

Food and Drink

A History of Pizza

History and Archaeology

Chocolate was used as money in the ancient Maya civilization “In a paper published in Economic Anthropology by Joanne Baron of the Bard Early College Network, the argument is made that depictions of cacao beans in Mayan artwork gradually shift from treating it as food with some value in bartering to treating it as money used both to shop and pay taxes.”

Pay It Forward and Make It Better

Via Cindy Otis: Today seems like the right time to do a thread I’ve been thinking about for a while on how to handle the seemingly never-ending deluge of depressing and disturbing news. My tips are based on my time as a CIA military analyst in which I dealt daily with disturbing content.

Science and Nature

California marijuana farms are putting local animals on the endangered species list “The Humboldt marten is a distant cousin of the common weasel, and by all accounts (i.e. a non-scientific study in the Big Think office wherein I invited people to look at the above video) is “totally adorable”. The thing is: they’re dying in large numbers thanks to marijuana farmers in the Humboldt area. ”
The Hubble: Still Making Great Photos and New Discoveries at 28A Long Exposure Hubble Image Of A Galaxy Cluster Also Turned Up 22 Asteroids “Recently, while conducting a study of Abell 370, a galaxy cluster located approximately four billion light-years away in the constellation Cetus (the Sea Monster), Hubble managed to spot something in foreground. While observing this collection of several hundred galaxiess, the image was photobombed by 22 asteroids whose tails created streaks that looked like background astronomical phenomena.”
Click through to the images; they’re really amazing.
Speeding Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Is A Comet, Not An Asteroid

Ever since Rob Weryk first spotted ‘Oumuamua zipping through the solar system in October 2017, the peculiar object has been the target of intense scrutiny for astronomers from around the globe. After confirming the suspected asteroid reached a maximum speed of nearly 200,000 miles per hour during its closest approach to the Sun (and is shaped like a cigar), researchers quickly shifted their focus to determining the composition and origin of this mysterious object.


A Walgreens Pharmacist Denied A Woman’s Prescription For Medication To End Her Pregnancy And It’s Legal The pharmacist said it went against his personal beliefs and refused to fill the prescription.”
A Physician in South Texas on an Unnerving Encounter with an Eight-Year-Old Boy in Immigration Detention ““I asked the clinician, ‘When is this child going to be reunited with his parents?’ He was evasive. First it was ‘Oh, well, we don’t know.’ And then it was ‘Well, he won’t be reunited with his parents unless he behaves.’ The lack of compassion was scary, and it didn’t seem like there was really a plan.”
Is the Border in Crisis? ‘We’re Doing Fine, Quite Frankly,’ a Border City Mayor Says ““There’s no gunfire. Most of the people migrating are from Central America. It’s not like they’re coming over here to try to take anybody’s job. They’re trying to just save their own lives. We’re doing fine, quite frankly.”
“Federal data show that the immigration crisis Mr. Trump has cited the past week to justify the separation of families is actually no crisis at all.”
I’m Starting to Have Serious Doubts About Amazon Prime
Why Are Jews So Pro-Choice?
Read more: https://forward.com/opinion/393168/why-are-jews-so-pro-choice/


You don’t need a Mac laptop I’m personally torn about this one. I have a second-generation beaten, battered and much-used Samsung Chromebook. I really like it. It’s the perfect thing to take to the library, for instance. I does what I need for basic writing, email, and web-research. But I still plan on getting a 13” Mac laptop when I can. I began using Macs in 1988. I just plain like them. I like the accessibility, I like the screens, and I like the ease of using things like SFTP clients. (But they’d be better if they still had HyperCard.)

Women’s Work

Recognizing Dr. Rosalind Franklin “Recognizing Dr. Rosalind Franklin- She was the first to elucidate the structure of DNA. Her data provided the information needed for those that won the Nobel Prize. She was barely recognized.”
-Pregnancy discrimination rampant inside of many of America’s biggest companies “Men’s earnings increase by 6% when they become fathers. A woman’s hourly wages decrease by 4% with each child.”

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰

President Trump Hired Undocumented Immigrants For $4 An Hour For Demolition Project: Court Docs “President Donald Trump hired hundreds of undocumented Polish immigrants to demolish a New York City building in 1980 and paid them as little as $4 an hour without providing proper safety equipment to do the job, court documents show.”
Please Read This Through. He’s Right.

I am deeply concerned that the Kennedy retirement will put the rule of law and our democratic institutions at graver risk than ever before. The President of the United States is the subject of a serious federal criminal investigation into (1) whether he conspired with a foreign adversary to help him win a narrow electoral college victory; and (2) whether he has obstructed that very investigation by, among things, firing the FBI director in charge of the investigation. The President will now be able to choose the person who, in a very real sense, may be the ultimate arbiter of whether or not he and others are ever held accountable.


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