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You should read this for 12/3/2017:

Books, Writing, and Language

Jane Austen, Literary Icon and . . . Home Brewer? “Those who’ve noticed that Austen’s characters often have a drink in hand may not know it was her love of brewing beer that was spilling over into her work.”
Why So Many Adults Love Young-Adult Literature “Over half of today’s YA readers are over the age of 18.”


It started as a tax cut; now it could change American life
The List of Shame “52 Senate Republicns just voted for a tax scam bit that will trigger $400 billion in cuts to Medicate ofer the next 10 years, all to pay for a MASSIVE tax giveaway to the super wealthy.”
51 GOP Republican SenatorsVoted to gut Medicare, Screw over Students, make it even harder to buy a house or save for retirement, and to line the pockets of the super rich. These people are not interested in your welfare; they are lining their pockets by robbing yours.

Women’s Work

Elizabeth Weil on Raising A Teenage Daughter With Comments And Corrections By Hannah W Duane, her teenager

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰

Operative Offered Trump Campaign ‘Kremlin Connection’ Using N.R.A. Ties

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