Elsewhere for September 23, 2017

SetApp: A Suite of macOS Apps for a Single Price Affiliate link for a great collection of 200+ macOS apps for a single price—now with iOS apps too.

You should read this for 9/23/2017:


The British Museum has a killer exhibit: Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia

Books, Writing, and Language

How ‘white people’ were invented by a playwright in 1613
Icelandic spelling, declension and etymology dictionaries now free online

Food and Drink

Rosh Hashana always makes me think of apples, pomegranates, and, my favorite, challah. Here’s an apple and bourbon bundt cake that’s easy and delicious and keeps in a freezer. Here’s a Fennel and Orange-Scented Challah that I’ve not yet made but have plans for, and a Sephardic challah with whole spices.

History and Archaeology

America’s vitriol towards Clinton reveals a nation mired in misogyny

Pay It Forward

Little Free Library: Take a Book, Leave a Book

Science and Technology

Apple responds to ad group’s criticism of Safari cookie blocking  If, as a user, I interact with an advertisement on the Internet, it will allow tracking for those sites—that’s fair. However, it won’t allow these ad groups to endlessly track everything I do on the Web and show me ads—that’s fair too.
What Apple is doing is good for consumers. We don’t need creepy ad groups tracking everything we do. If you do want that, there are Web browsers that aren’t so intelligent that will allow that to happen.
Hummingbird Pool Part Roughly 30 hummingbirds (I think all Annas) are bathing in this bird-bath fountain in Los Angeles.
Cassini’s Final Image “As planned, the Cassini spacecraft impacted the upper atmosphere of Saturn on September 15, after a 13 year long exploration of the Saturnian System. With spacecraft thrusters firing until the end, its atmospheric entry followed an unprecedented series of 22 Grand Finale dives between Saturn and rings. Cassini’s final signal took 83 minutes to reach planet Earth and the Deep Space Network antenna complex in Canberra Australia where loss of contact with the spacecraft was recorded at 11:55 UT.” The night-side of Saturn, cloud-covered, showing Cassini’s eventual impact site.
Scamming the scammers
Apple does right by users and advertisers are displeased

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