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You should read this for 7/2/2017:

New TSA Policy May Lead to Increased Scrutiny of Reading Material When my father died, and I flew back East for the service, I had dissertation materials with me, including manuscript photographs of Cotton Nero MS A.X, art.3 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, my own edition of the Middle English text, the standard scholarly editions, hardcopy of my dissertation draft, etc.
TSA in Boston pulled me aside and had sit, by myself and without my luggage or purse or ID or computer bag, in a small area behind the screening section. Eventually a bellicose white guy about ten years older than me swaggered in and made some idle chat then asked me how long I had been Muslim. Turns out he was convinced SGGK in Middle English was Arabic. I managed to convince him Gawain and I were OK by invoking Tolkien and showing him Tolkien’s edition when he consented to bring me my carryon and purse to show him my UCLA credentials.
Uranus Keeps Opening Up Every Day There’s so much we don’t know about our own solar system, and Congress keeps cutting science.
L.A. Fines Carl’s Jr. $1.45 Million For Failing to Pay WorkersBigots, and cheap. Not surprised.
The Supreme Court’s Incredible Privileging of Religion “In obliging the state to directly aid Trinity Lutheran and other churches, the Court is allowing the religious right to have their cake and eat it, too.” Churches benefitting from public improvement funds, without any requirement to allow public access.

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰

Via The New York Times: [#45]’ s Lies The definitive list; dated, enumerated, cited, and debunked. 💩🔥💰 is a lying liar who tells lies.
Time asks Trump Organization to remove fake cover from golf clubs “Time magazine has asked the Trump Organization to remove copies of a fake cover of President Trump that were on display at the company’s golf clubs, The Washington Post reported Tuesday afternoon.” The Washington Post first reported the fake covers.
Republican senators grow weary of Trump’s health care illiteracy “The Washington Post reported today that “seasoned senators,” after speaking with Trump, “saw a president unable to grasp policy details or the obstacles ahead.”
Trump’s illiteracy on the substance of governing may not be new, but his ostensible allies appear to be increasingly weary of the amateur president’s ignorance — enough to share concerns with multiple media outlets – and it’s starting to matter more.”

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