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You should read this for 5/14/2017:

Via the BBC: Obamacare v Republican plan compared
FCC and Congress Work to Roll Back Net Neutrality“he FCC, under a new chairman aligned with the Trump administration, is moving fast to undo the net neutrality framework that has been upheld by the courts. Furthermore, the Republican-controlled Congress is moving to strip the FCC of the authority it used to create that legal foundation in the first place, so in the future the FCC would not have the authority to “redo” the “undo.” And it’s all being done in the name of “restoring freedom.”
Sally Yates Testifies: “We Believed Gen. Flynn Was Compromised” “We believed that Gen. Flynn was compromised with respect to the Russians,” Yates told a Senate subcommittee on Monday. “To state the obvious, you don’t want your national security adviser compromised by the Russians.”
One Hearing, Two Different Realities — And The Data Prove It “Flynn was left in the job, with all of his clearances, for 18 days after Yates met with White House counsel Don McGahn. He was only let go after the information became public through news reports.”
Actual words my coworkers have said to me, a woman in tech Yes, it’s all true, and more and worse besides.
The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked “A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of [#45] and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose?”

From King Arthur Flour: Chocolate Stout Cake with stout, cocoa, chocolate, and butter, with lots of butter, also sour cream and heavy cream . . . oh, and butter.

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰
Obama Warned Trump About Michael Flynn During Oval Office Meeting “President Obama and [💩🔥💰] met in the Oval Office shortly after the election in November about Michael Flynn related to his job performance as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.”
Comey’s Testimony on Huma Abedin Forwarding Emails Was Inaccurate“The FBI hasn’t decided how to correct the director’s false claim that she forwarded thousands of Clinton emails to the laptop computer of her husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner.”
Via The Atlantic This Is Not a Drill The firing of FBI director James Comey poses a question: Will the law answer to the president, or the president to the law? David Frum concludes that firing Comey is “an attack on the integrity — not just of law enforcement—but of our defense against a foreign cyberattack on the processes of American democracy. The FBI was investigating the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russian espionage. 💩🔥💰’s firing of Comey is an apparent attempt to shut that investigation down.” Alternatively, look at it this way: “And that’s the best-case scenario. What seems just as likely, especially given the uproar the White House must have expected as a consequence of its action, is that Trump is deliberately obstructing the course of justice, because he has good reason to be afraid of the ongoing FBI investigation. In that case, the firing of Comey is but the first maneuver in a much wider assault on the ability of independent state institutions to carry out their job.”
From NPR: Suspicious Timing And Convenient Reasoning For 💩🔥💰’s Firing Of Comey “As soon news of the termination broke, some political observers began to sound off that something doesn’t add up. The timing is suspicious, and the reasoning is convenient. It raises all kinds of questions about what happened and what happens next, especially as the FBI is reportedly ramping up its investigation of Trump’s associates’ connections to Russia.”

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