Elsewhere for April 16, 2017

You should read this for 4/16/2017:

Here’s the Fine Print On The Country’s Biggest-Ever Free College Plan “The bill is what’s known as a ‘last-dollar’ program.’ Translation: Students must first apply for, and use, other money like federal Pell Grants, before turning to the scholarship. That, in turn, means that low-income students have less to gain from the scholarship than do students from families who are too wealthy to qualify for those grants.”
Scott Rosenberg on How Google Book Search Got Lost “Google Books was the company’s first moonshot. But 15 years later, the project is stuck in low-Earth orbit.”
Pan Baked Lemon Almond Tart This is really a different take on a tart; almost a sweet frittata.

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰
Not “concentration camps,” but “Holocaust centers.” If you voted for these ignorant jerks, you owe the world an apology.
Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Travel Triggers Cost and Ethics Concerns “It’s just another example of his consistent efforts to exploit public office for private gain,” ethics expert Steve Schooner told NBC News. “He’s using his official office and the fact that people have to travel with him, meet him, and follow him to promote his commercial enterprise, in this case his privately owned club. . . . Since Trump became president the cost of membership at Mar-a-Lago has doubled, with guests now paying $200,000 just to join.”

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