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You should read this for 3/26/2017: Education, Stonewall isn’t going to be forgotten, queers are here to stay, Easter Island has lessons to teach, roses are survivors and so are you, St. Joseph knew a thing or two about families, and apparently, pastry, and 💩🔥💰 is  . . . well. You go read the stuff behind the wall.

Hat tip to Bronwen (thanks!): Mike Taylor “ Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse” I love the takeaway at the end of the post; because it’s true, and it works.
Read Senator Patty Murray’s memo about the critical importance of public Education “The Trump Administration and some in Congress are pursuing an education agenda under the guise of providing students and families with so-called ‘school choice.”’ Though, on its face, this promise may sound appealing, in reality, this so-called answer doesn’t work for students and families for a number of critical reasons: It ignores the needs of students in rural areas without private school options, ignores the threats posed to students with disabilities and students who may face discrimination, and ignores the parents who believe in their communities and want their children to be able to attend strong public schools in their neighborhood. In other words, it is a false choice. The only true student and family agenda is one that delivers on the idea that every child, parent, and family should have the choice to attend a high-quality public school.”
A biographical essay on Sylvia Rivera, one of the people in front at Stonewall: “The crowd, according to witness Titus Montalvo, was 70 percent African American and Puerto Rican, and fronted in part by trans men and women, a fact that Rivera emphasized at every opportunity. ‘We were the frontliners,’ Rivera later told interviewers. “We didn’t take no shit from nobody,’ she explained. ‘We had nothing to lose.’”
The natives of Easter Island found paradise, and then destroyed it “For most of Easter’s inhabited history, deforestation was relatively gradual, and the people fell victim to “creeping normality,” gradual change that would be considered unacceptable if it happened all at once.” There’s good reason to loo at the Neolithic and early Medieval landscape of Ireland vs Ireland now and think of this story. As a species, we need to stop being such radical consumers and emphasize restoration and preservation, though it’s too late for climate change, we can mitigate.
Via Southern Living: The Rose That Survived Katrina
Zeppole di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph’s Day Traditional Italian Pastries)These are good, and more fun if you make them with friends using an assembly line approach.

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰

Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny To 💩🔥💰 on Saint Patrick’s day: “It’s fitting that we gather here each year to celebrate St. Patrick and his legacy,” Kenny said. “He, too, was an immigrant. And even though he is, of course, the patron saint of Ireland, for many people around the globe, he is also the symbol of — indeed, the patron of — immigrants.”
Apparently, our highest elected official doesn’t understand his job, or NATO, or, well, much of anything (incluidng standard written and spoken English). After 💩🔥💰 tweets embarrassingly inaccurate info, former NATO ambassador publicly educates the U.S. President regarding things most of us learned in high school. If you voted for this cretin, you’re too are a collaborator acting to sabotage the United States.
LGBT advocates are questioning the 💩🔥💰 administration’s quiet deletion of questions on sexuality from two federal surveys. Once again, they’re trying to erase the queers by silencing us. It didn’t work for the last three thousand years, it isn’t going to work now. We’re here, we’re queer and we’re not going to disappear.
The FBI is looking at data that suggests coordiantion and collaboration between 💩🔥💰 aides and Russia.
Devin Nunes Vanished the Night Before He Made Trump Surveillance Claims
Apparently Devin Nunes has an oath of fealty to Donald, not to his constituents, or Congress or the American people. Devin Nunes works for 💩🔥💰. In Washington’s Daily 💩🔥💰 Wars, Devin Nunes Becomes a Human Shield “I still think it’s the right call,” Mr. Nunes said of his decision not to tell members of his committee about his trip to the White House.” . . . “It is almost inconceivable,” Mr. Himes said of his chairman’s behavior, more than loud enough to hear nearby. “Lo and behold, a couple of hours later, Donald Trump gets to put the barest of fig leaves on the outrageous tweet about Barack Obama wiretapping him.”
Russia Gate: high crimes and misdemeanors by 💩🔥💰 and Sessions, among others. This is such a Deja vu moment for those of us who remember Watergate and the Iran Contra affair.

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