Elsewhere for February 26, 2017

SetApp: A Suite of macOS Apps for a Single Price Affiliate link for a great collection of 200+ macOS apps for a single price—now with iOS apps too.

You should read this for 2/26/2017:

From Time: This Is the Real Reason Apple Is Fighting the FBI
Via The New Yorker: The Radical Argument of the New Oxford Shakespeare
Via Sciencenordic.com (hat tip to mirabilis.ca) New study reignites debate over Viking settlements in England
“Though some people may think the job involves more shushing than rallying, many librarians consider “making America read again” to be a radical political proposition.” “Librarians decide what gets preserved and how information is classified, which inherently affects how people find that information and who is likely to find.” In other words, Librarians are the best kind of Finding Aids.
Via SFWA: 2016 Nebula Award Nominees
Rumana Ahmed via The Atlantic: “I thought I should try to stay on the NSC staff during the [current] Administration, in order to give the new president and his aides a more nuanced view of Islam, and of America’s Muslim citizens.
I lasted eight days.”
Via Simply Recipes: How to Make Overnight Oatmeal
NPR: Trump Ethics Monitor: Has The President Kept His Promises?

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