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SetApp: A Suite of macOS Apps for a Single Price Affiliate link for a great collection of 200+ macOS apps for a single price—now with iOS apps too.

You should read this for 1/29/2017: The Wisdom of Jobs, thank your foremothers, it’s not always the Others, and cauliflower can be tasty. 

Note: We’ve Placed Trumpery in an Isolation Section at the End

You know what…
Take my $1.37… I want my PBS.
Take my $.46… I am all for federal funding of art programs.
Take my $.46… I love my museums, colleges, and libraries.
Take my $.11… I support developing minority businesses.
Take my $.66… I am for entrepreneurship and innovation.
Take my $1.60… I want us to export more goods overseas.
Take my $0.43… I would like to see more American manufacturing.
Take my $0.88… I think community policing needs vast improvement.
Take my $1.48… I support programs for women.
Take my $1.55… I believe in due process for all.
Take my $0.48… We need a civil rights division in the justice department.
Take my $0.38… I think we need to defend our Mother Earth.
Take my $0.03… I know more work needs to be done for climate change.
Take my $8.95… because we need more sustainable energy.
Take my $2.71… we should reduce our carbon footprint.
If saving these programs means I’m out $22.36 a year, I’m good with contributing my $.07 a day to save American jobs and these federal programs (Derivation unknown, but sentiments heartfelt).

Steve Jobs
You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry. (So say “thank you” to all the ones who went beofe.)
We Finally Know What’s Causing Namibia’s Mysterious Fairy Circles (It’s not the Good People.)
Via The New York Times Cooking section Pan-Roasted Cauliflower With Garlic, Parsley and Rosemary

💩🔥💰 Trumpery 💩🔥💰

Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March 
in Washington Had 3 Times as Many People as 💩🔥💰’s Inauguration “The women’s march in Washington was roughly three times the size of the audience at President Trump’s inauguration, crowd counting experts said Saturday.”

How these Los Angeles-born pink hats became a worldwide symbol of the anti-💩🔥💰 women’s march “Knitters — mostly women — started crafting handmade pink caps with cat ears, a reference to 💩🔥💰’s vulgar statements about grabbing women’s genitals, which were revealed in a leaked video shortly before the election.” (You can find the pattern here; it’s not difficult!)
Donald 💩🔥💰 delivers speech to CIA to deny feud and criticize media coverage“Pool reports later clarified that the attendants who were cheering and clapping when Mr Trump spoke were not CIA staffers but people who accompanied Mr Trump to the briefing.”
Via NPR: President 💩🔥💰’s Inaugural Address, Annotated
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Has Been Trolling 💩🔥💰 On Twitter For Months

Charles M. Blow in The New York Times: A Lie by Any Other Name
“Donald [💩🔥💰] is a proven liar. He lies often and effortlessly. He lies about the profound and the trivial. He lies to avoid guilt and invite glory. He lies when his pride is injured and when his pomposity is challenged.”
It’s Not Just The Park Service: ‘Rogue’ Federal Twitter Accounts MultiplySome of these accounts — this list has compiled more than 80 of them — initially claimed to be run by members of these organizations, but many have since altered their descriptions, or in the case of the alternative National Park Service have said the account was handed off to environmentalists and activists.

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