Elsewhere for January 1, 2017

You should read this for 1/01/2017: Chrismakkah, practical rebellion against evil, food and politics, and it’s ok to omit records if you’re Jeff.

Medievalist David M. Perry on The GOP Theocracy: Xmas vs Hanukkah Statements “The King isn’t Trump to my reading. It’s still a dangerous statement.”
Via Matthew d’Ancona in The Guardian How do liberals halt the march of the right? Stand our ground and toughen up These are specific, practical suggestions that anyone can implement.
Helen Rosner of Eater.com interviews Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain: The Post-Election Interview “But the threshold of acceptable rhetoric right now, the threshold of hate and animus that’s being shown at this point — this really naked hatred of every flavor, racists, sexists, pure misogyny, class hatred, hatred of the educated — this is something I’ve never seen before. And it’s now acceptable! It’s more acceptable in public at political rallies than it is at universities, which is where people should be saying offensive shit.”
A professor called 💩🔥💰’s election an ‘act of terrorism.’ Then she became the victim of terror. “For as long as she has taught, Cox, a professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, Calif., has prided herself on speaking freely. Then a clip of her calling Donald 💩🔥💰’s election “an act of terrorism” went viral earlier this month, unleashing a wave of violent threats that forced her to end her semester early and flee her home in suburban Orange County.”
Jeff Sessions, Donald 💩🔥💰’s nominee for Attorney General of the U.S has omitted decades of records (including email) for his confirmation hearing. He previously argued that omissions should be a felony.
Via Southern Living: Pimento Cheese. It’s apparently a Southern Thing. Who knew?

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