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You should read this for 12/11/2016:
The social functions of humor, why Donald Trump isn’t funny, maybe you were wrong about the MacBook Pro, we’re all Muslim here, now, how are you, dinosaur feathers and ginger cookies.

Jason P. Sneed via Twitter 8/9/2026 on the social functions of humor, reposted here.
Ben Lovejoy from 9to5 Mac MacBook Pro Diary: I’m one week in, and it turns out my first impressions were wrong I think a lot of people’s first impressions of Apple’s new MacBook Pro are going to prove wrong. Kinda like when Apple released the iPod and people said “Who would buy this?” Or the iMac. Or the iPhone.
We’re All Muslim Now Change your Facebook religious descriptor to Muslim to make it harder to use Facebook to target Muslims—something some people are already doing by scanning FB profiles and then sending abusive posts.
Dinosaur tail trapped in amber sheds light on evolution of feathers Scroll down to see the photo of the actual piece of amber; really amazing. Also it explains so much about feral chickens.
This is what happens when Donald Trump attacks a private citizen on Twitter Now imagine what he’ll do with the full force of the Oval Office, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and the Secret Service to do his bullying.
The right has its own version of political correctness. It’s just as stifling. “Political correctness has become a major bugaboo of the right in the past decade, a rallying cry against all that has gone wrong with liberalism and America. Conservative writers fill volumes complaining how political correctness stifles free expression and promotes bunk social theories about ‘power structures’ based on patriarchy, race and mass victimhood.”
Why haven’t we seen Donald Trump’s tax returns? Why hasn’t he divested? Maybe the Answer Is That He Can’t Divest Because he owes too much money to too many people—including millions to China.
The Best Music for Productivity? Silence What I’m taking away from this piece is the suggestion near the end to take a fifteen minute break wherein you just listen to music, really listen.
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