Elsewhere for September 18, 2016

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You should read this for 9/18/2016:

Renegade 911
Jim Wright is a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer and freelance writer. He wrote a deeply thoughtful, emotional and intelligent piece about 9/11. Facebook removed the post and strangers attempted to hack Wright’s FB account. Go read the piece.
India’s War On Biryani Mixes Caste, Religion, Cow-Avenging Vigilantes“The battle around food is not just about eating,” says social scientist Shiv Viswanathan, professor at Jindal Global Law School in Haryana. “Food is essentially the grammar of society. You show hospitality through food. You can also insult someone through food.”
A Greek Mom shows you how to make Greek coffee with a briki at homeOr you can watch Ted Lelekas make greek coffee here.
The Fortingall Yew standing in a church yard in Perthshire, Scotland is estimated to be 5,000 years old. And it seems to be changing sex.
According to a study published by Vyacheslav A. Ryabov (via Mashable) Dolphins engage in complex conversations in an advanced spoken language made up of pulses and whistles.
Bake your own Rustic Loaf. This Epicurious recipe for a single loaf of slow-rise bread is a great way to try making your own bread. It rises overnight, slowly, which makes it much less of an adventure in baking, and far more predictable for those new to bread-baking, or juggling work-family-home.

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