Elsewhere for September 11, 2016

You should read this for 9/11/2016:

Today’s workplace design asks us to be permanently on call—and demands that we vanish at a moment’s notice.“This anywhering of the office renders our attempts to disappear by implementing out-of-the-office replies instantly moot and futile. Work will fill the space available to it. And with no space spared, it will find you wherever you are: not just your work office, but also your home, your yoga studio, your children’s kindergarten. And what is more, in addition to our physical selves we now have to manage this professional avatar as well. And due to the ongoing metrification and financialization of work we are increasingly stripped of the clutter that makes us us. All of our quirks and idiosyncratic features have no use, as they can either not be numbered or would just make us look messy and thus unproductive.”

Researchers Confront an Epidemic of Loneliness“Researchers have found mounting evidence linking loneliness to physical illness and to functional and cognitive decline. As a predictor of early death, loneliness eclipses obesity.”

Mars Rover Views Spectacular Layered Rock FormationsIncredible new pictures of Mars landscapes; you really need to see them. They’re both strikingly familiar and strikingly alien.
Turns Out Even Being an Actual NASA Astronaut Won’t Stop Random Men From Mansplaining Space to You. The mansplaining phenom is growing. I had a guy explain to me, as Medievalist on Twitter, that Chaucer didn’t really have poor spelling (a joke I made in concert with another medievalist posing as Chaucer), he wrote in Old English [sic]. It’s getting worse, not better. Whether it’s because of a rising sense of entitlement, or a decreasing level of reading comprehension, or both, I do not know. But it is annoying in the extreme.

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