Rowling’s Plot Chart for Order of the Phoenix

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One of the things that both writers and literary scholars are interested in are the ways in which authors figure out their story, and plots. There are lots of super tools for helping writings plan, ranging from spreadsheets, to index cards, to paper scraps and post-it notes, as well as a lot of software, like Scrivener, or Dramatica, that’s specialized for fiction and screenplays. 

But this image shows J. K. Rowling’s loose-leaf notebook page turned to landscape view, and covered with quick notes about the basic plot premises of Rowling’s Order of the Phoenix.

The first column is the chapter number.

The second column shows the time of the year for that chapter.

The third column is a general chapter outline.

The rest of the columns deal with the various subplots that are part of the book, each column tracking one subplot wrt to the chapter, whether it actually appears on the chapter or not.

Thank you, Ms. Rowling, for being this generous to other writers, and thanks to the original poster, James Plafke at Geek System and Elvisaaron on Tumblr



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